Tectronic GmbH is a medium-sized electronic company with many years of experience in this branch. In our well equipped manufacturing plant we manufacture high-quality electronic assemblies and devices. We offer our clients best service for the creation of their technically demanding assemblies and devices, from development coordination to the complete production and a qualified end-check. On your demand, we take care of procuring all material according to the given specifications. You can also provide materials for the production of your electronic assemblies and devices yourself.

Juki SMD-Bestücker
Company building of Tectronic GmbH

About us

Tectronic GmbH was founded on 27 January 1999 and employed five employees on an almost 100 sqm base area. After only two years, the number of employees tripled and the base area increased to approximately 700 sqm. In the meantime, the base area has reached nearly 2000 sqm and the number of employees has risen further accordingly. All production rooms are fully equipped according to the latest ESD standards. Our flexible operating machinery and especially our skilled and highly trained employees are the foundation for reproducible, fault avoiding and high-quality manufacturing of your components.


  • 3x automatic storages (ISM 3600/500)
  • dry storage cabinet (Tectronic TT1000)
  • 2x SMT serigraphy with SPI (DEK, Juki GKG)
  • 2x SMT highspeed assembly lines (Juki FX3/2080 and RS1)
  • Reflow oven (ERSA Hotflow)
  • Wave soldering machine (ERSA N-Wave)
  • Selective soldering machine (ERSA Ecoselect)
  • In-Circuit-Tester (HP 3070)
  • AOI (Göpel OptiCon BasicLine)
  • XRAY (Y XLON Y .Cheetah)
  • Tectronic functiontester (Tectronic TATS1000)
  • Conformal coating line (Nordson Select Coat SL-940)
Juki SMD-Bestücker
SMD assembly Juki FX3

Juki SMD-Bestücker
SMD assembly line