Medical technologies

One focus of Tectronic GmbH is the manufacturing of electronic assemblies and devices in the field of medical technology. The proper compliance with defined processes and the quality management certified by DIN EN 13485 are the garanty for a constant level of high quality. The creation of product specific production records and detailed process validation ensure the sustained reproduction of each individual medicin project.

Industrial technologies

As service provider for the production of industrial electronic assemblies and devices, we offer our clients a complete solution for production. The service offer of Tectronic GmbH includes the whole production chain of electronic products from procuring of material to assembly and final check of the assemblies and devices according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 norms. We also offer to protect your assemblies and devices from environmental influences via conformal coating or molding.

Radar and wireless communication

The production of electronic assemblies and whole devices for radar and wireless communication is highly demanding. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, we can offer you the best assembly service for your products. With the help of detailed and continuous process supervision, for example with our x-ray system, we are able to deliver a constant level of high quality.

Automotive technologies

Tectronic GmbH is specialized in the production of high-quality assemblies and devices. In automotive technology as well, the whole production is effected in accordance to norm DIN EN ISO 9001. At your request, we protect your assemblies via conformal coating or grouting from all environmental influences. From sample fabrication to serial production, we offer our complete spectrum.